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Lassig 4Kids Trolley&W/Bag Birdie

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Of course, children also need a suitable suitcase. After all, they not only have to store some things, but should also have fun while traveling. Therefore, the visual should suit the child and give him joy. This is why this child trolley by Lässig is a great choice. You can buy it in a total of five variations. Each time there is a great animal motif. The child can therefore consciously decide whether he would prefer the bird, the giraffe, the rhinoceros, the tiger or the turtle. However, the child may always be somewhat distracted. In the worst case it can happen that the case gets lost. A practical name tag is attached to the case so that this does not result in great chaos and screaming. So the suitcase can be easily transmitted to its rightful owner. By the way, you support the non-profit organization Momella Foundation with a purchase, which has launched numerous projects. These are aimed primarily at animal welfare and awareness raising. This fits well with the name of the collection, after all, it is the Lässig wildlife collection.

Very lovingly designed design; several models available
 When buying, you are committed to animal welfare
 Practical wheels and a handle make it easy to transport
 Helpful packing straps
Mesh compartments and a zip compartment