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Kietla 2021 Sunglasses Limited 1-2yr

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Glasses for children from 1 to 2 years old. Designed and made in France.

Lenses made of highly tinted polycarbonate (category 3). This material is characterized by exceptional durability and high resistance to breaking. With their cute teddy bear ears, Ours'on sunglasses will give your child a cute look, whether he's on the beach, out for a walk or just hanging out in the garden. Thanks to anti-UVA, UVB and I-JVC filters, as well as an anti-blue light filter to reduce glare, enlarged lenses completely protect young eyes, and unbreakable polycarbonate lenses are BPA-free.

  • The Ki ET LA glasses have an anti-reflective coating with a blue filter.
  • 100% flexible - the frames of the glasses are made of very durable and flexible TPEE material, which
  • is highly resistant to temperatures. All materials are BPA free.
  • 100% safe - the glasses do not have hinges, so the child does not risk scratching or swallowing metal
  • parts. The set includes a comfortable and soft band, the width of which can be adjusted.
  • They are ergonomically shaped, flexible and light. Ki ET LA headband and glasses Do not put
  • pressure on the temples and the nose.
  • Eco-friendly - frames and packaging are recyclable. The cardboard packaging is reusable.