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Jellycat Snowflake Santa

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Snowflake Santa is 34cm tall with the longest, fluffy long-pile, silky white beard. He has been crafted from decadent fabrics including a velvety smooth, slim ruched cream for his legs, coat and hat, with smooth metallic gold for his decorative bows and boots, which are accented with a talc-soft faux fur, matching the trim of his coat and hat. For what you can actually see of him, a warm and soft pale peach, is home to the glossiest of black safety eyes and a sweet bean nose. Snowflake is also part-bean filled ensuring that he remains on that shelf, mantle, table or tree, whilst also giving the most satisfactory, squidgy soft hugs.

Ideal for play, display or both!

Made using all new materials, filled with polyester fibres and plastic pellets. Hand wash only.

Suitable from 12 months, please always check the label