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Jellycat Elephants Can't Fly Gift Set

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Our Jellycat Gift Set is the ideal gift for sending your congratulations on the arrival of new baby.  Perfect gift for a baby shower, hospital visit or to welcome baby home. 


1 Elephants Can't Fly Book

  • Our Jellycat Book; Elephants Can't Fly, is a beautifully illustrated childrens book. Elly the Elephant wants to fly, but her herd say Elephants can't even jump! Can she leap into the air, her fine ears flapping, and soar like a bird in the sky?

1 Fuddle Wuddle Elephant Baby Size
  • Fuddlewuddle Elephant is soft and blue as the ocean! The textured fur and long trunk makes him fuddle-fantastic and irresistibly cuddly. Height 12cm
1 Elephants Can't Fly Melamine Plate
  • Vibrant and versatile, the Elephants Can't Fly Melamine Plate is perfect for teatime, breakfast or camping! This cute and colourful babyproof plate shows our wonderful elephant chatting with pals. A gift for tots who are ready for the table!
1 Elephants Can't Fly Melamine Cup
  • Sturdy, sweet and perfect for little hands, it's the Elephants Can't Fly Melamine Cup! This sturdy cup has a beautiful print, showing our elly making friends and exploring! Dishwasher-safe and elly-strong, it's a fun first cup that Baby can drop!