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Intimina Ziggy Cup 2

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No leakage during intimacy!

We’ve listened to your input about period cups, so we designed Ziggy Cup™ 2! It’s made of reinforced, flexible, 100% medical grade silicone, and it comes with an addition - ribbed tab for slip-free removal. This menstrual disc comes in two sizes so everybody can find their fit and have mess-free sex - all period long!

We love all shapes & sizes

A size
Perfect if you have a low cervix, light to medium flow, or you want to get used to menstrual discs. Can be used for mess-free period sex.

B size
Designed to collect everything from light to heavier flow and fit people with a higher cervix. Can be used for mess-free period sex.

This breakthrough menstrual disc is made completely of petal-thin silicone, which means Ziggy Cup 2 can’t be felt at all - no matter what you’re doing - just choose the right fit size.

Ziggy Cup 2 comes with a ribbed tab to help you with:
Slip-free removal - hook the tip of your finger and gently pull the cup out.
Orientation of the cup - this tab is located in the front of your cup - which means it needs to be away from your cervix and pelvic bone.

Comes in two sizes, A and B
Ribbed tab for slip-free removal
100% medical grade silicone
Flat-fit for absolute comfort & mess-free period sex
Up to 8 hours non-stop protection
Leak-proof double rim
Only reusable cup you can use during sex
Covers light to heavier flow