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HiPP Organic Natal Nursing Tea

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Organic Nursing Tea

HiPP Mama Organic Nursing Tea has specifically been developed with midwives to cope with the particular requirements of the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The composition of selected herbs stimulates lactation. HiPP Mama Organic Nursing Tea meets the highest standards of quality and is beneficial for the health of mother and child.

HiPP Mama Organic Nursing Tea can be used towards the end of pregnancy and throughout the entire nursing period. While breastfeeding, it is recommended to drink 3-6 cups spread over the day.

  • 30g
  • Developed together with midwives
  • Herbs from strictly controlled organic production
  • No added sugars or flavouring
  • GMO-free (in accordance with EC Organic Farming Regulation)
  • Handy flavour-sealed infusion bags to preserve full flavour of the herbs



Organic anise, organic fenne, organic caraway, organic lemon verbena, organic balm.