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Fridge to Go Mini Fridge Victoria SB Cooler Bag

$103.20 $129.00


Fridge-To-Go Victoria SB Cooler Bag is a portable fridge cooler bag that requires no battery or ice to function. It bridges the gap between traditional cooler bags and battery/power-operated travel refrigerators. With her special chilling technology that could chill for up to 12 hours, Fridge-To-Go satisfies a wide range of applications in both the consumer and commercial market. Fridge-To-Go is ideal for the transportation of medications (including insulin or vial), wine, expressed milk for breastfeeding moms, and even ice creams in our high performance models.

  • Large 12-Can or 6 Bottle, 4000ml Capacity
  • Removable Freezing Panel
  • Great for 6 Water Bottles or Energy Drinks
  • Perfect Family Size (3-4 People)
  • Ideal Large Food Transporter
  • Built-in surround cooling panels cool up to 9-12 Hours
  • Fully Collapsible
  • Heavy duty double carry handle & rugged shoulder strap makes it the ideal portable cooling tote for boaters, travelers, and family outings
  • Rear Mesh Storage Pocket
  • Dimension: 28(L) X 25 (W) X 16(H)cm.