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Naif Easy Styling Hair Lotion for Baby & Kids

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Oh oh... Hair tangles and knots? Someone's going to start crying. We'd rather not have this. The natural Naïf Easy Styling Hair Lotion for Baby & Kids makes combing and styling the hair easy and prevents morning dramas. All this thanks to vegetable glycerin and cotton seed extract, without the hair getting all greasy. Never bothered with stubborn locks of hair any more. Maybe from stubborn comments though. At Naïf, we like simple. That's why the Easy Styling Hair Lotion is suitable for every hair type; from frizzy curls, wild mane, fine hair with a high risk of tangles to babies and children without hair. "Hairspray without hair?" Sure, because the nourishing ingredients also care for the scalp, which is always a good thing. The hairspray can be used daily on dry hair and comes in a handy spray pump. In combination with Naïf Nourishing Shampoo, the spray can also be used on cradle cap. All Naïf products are 100% vegan, made with an allergen-free, gentle fragrance and dermatologically tested.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Natural hair lotion for baby & kids
  • Softens knots and tangles in the hair
  • Reduces frizz in curls
  • For all hair types, including babies
  • Can also be used with cradle cap
  • Cares for sensitive scalps
  • Airy spray, without greasy residue
  • Without microplastics, mineral oils, SLS/SLES or silicones
  • With iconic, allergen-free Naïf fragrance
  • Developed and produced in the Netherlands
  • 100% vegan and ocean friendly
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Recommended by hospitals, maternity services and parents