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Doomoo Extra Pad for Cocoon

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Extra pad for doomoo Cocoon

Want to keep on using Cocoon, all day, every day? The organic cotton Extra Pad is soft, breathable, easy to wash and it perfectly adapts to the Cocoon. The Extra Pad allows you to continuously use your baby’s favorite little nest.

The Extra Pad is available separately and compatible with the safety belt of doomoo’s Cocoon.

How to use the Extra Pad ?

Take off Cocoon’s security belt and place the extra pad onto the doomoo Cocoon mattress: 
  • The velcro in the middle of the Cocoon mattress sticks perfectly onto the backside of the extra pad.
  • The 2 velcro fasteners at the top of the Cocoon stick to the two velcro on the backside of the extra pad.
  • Attach the flap at the bottom backside of the extra pad over the bottom part of the Cocoon mattress.
  • Place the removable belt onto the extra pad and lay down your baby in its cosy nest. 
  • You can now close the belt for extra safety.
It’s possible that your doomoo Cocoon does not have extra velcro fastener onto the 3D fabric at the headpart. In this case you can still use the doomoo Cocoon Pad. But it is very important to make sure the Cocoon Pad is securely attached underneath the edges of the babynest.