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Doomoo Belly Drops - Compact pregnancy pillow

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Belly Drops

Compact pregnancy pillow.

No need to worry about back problems when doomoo Belly is in sight. doomoo Belly is a compact, travel size pregnancy pillow which molds itself very comfortably around your belly. Put the weight of your baby up against our doomoo Belly and this cushion will restore the natural position of your spine. Belly makes you sleep like a rose.

Its ultra soft organic cotton and tiny moldable microbeads make doomoo Belly the most comfortable pregnancy pillow you can think of.

Thanks to its compact size, the doomoo Belly is the perfect companion for those who don’t like big cushions in bed or who want to start with a small one, before starting to use the doomoo Sleepy. Or you can combine both for more support during the night.

Thanks to its compact size, you can take the doomoo Belly along with you and keep on discovering the world while your baby is growing.

The doomoo Belly’s two seperate, but connected compartments have different sizes, which make this cushion adjustable and comfortable for smaller and bigger bellies alike.

This cushion relieves the muscles of your back and supports the natural position of your spine while you are resting or sleeping.

doomoo Belly is refillable, and after pregnancy you can use your Belly as a multi-use pillow for traveling, for kids, etc.


  • Belly is machine washable at 30°C.
  • Place it in the provided washing bag before washing. Do not wash it without
  • this bag, as the microbeads could damage your washing machine.


  • Cover: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane. 
  • Filling: EPS Micropearls 
  • Dimension : 45 cm x 35 cm