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Child Birth Class with Leila Ng @ Great World 26th September



Childbirth class by Leila Ng (US-trained and certified DONA Birth & Postpartum Doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator) on all you need to know about Birth & Baby! 


Class is held at :
Motherswork-Great World @ 10AM - 5:30PM , 26th September (Saturday)

Everything you need to know about Birth 
- Signs of Labour
- What to do when your waters break?
- Birth is like Digestion?
- Stages of Labour
- Is Labour Painful?
- Labour Comfort Measures
- How does a Contraction feel like?
- When to go to the hospital?
- Routine Hospital Procedures
- Making full use of the Epidural
- Induction - What are the different ways and what exactly happens?
- Caesareans - How to have a Gentle Caesarean when you need it
- Making Informed Decisions
- What to bring to the hospital?

Breastfeeding and Babycare
- Why breastfeed?
- How does Breastfeeding work?
- Best positions for newborns
- How do I know if my baby is drinking enough?
- Good Latch vs Bad Latch
- What is colostrum?
- Alternative Feeding methods
- Sleepy Babies
- Diapering
- Poop
- Bathing
- Baby Sleep Cycles
- Why do babies cry?
- Mommy Self-Care