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Candide Air+ 20° Ergo Cot Wedge

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Candide Air+ Plus 20 Deg Cot Wedge is a baby wedge pillow with inclination of 20° that prevents regurgitation or reflux and helps to clear the airways in case of discomfort. The central 3D mesh panel on the cover provides a ventilated contact surface for a comfortable and airy sleeping position. The pillow has raised edges to prevent baby from slipping off the sides. It has 3 point harness with adjustable waist buckle to prevent newborns from rolling off the side or slipping down.

  • 20 degrees inclined
  • 3D mesh panel allows the air to circulate well and thus prevents the baby from sweating too much (especially at the head and back, areas where the child sweats the most).
  • Harness with adjustable waist buckle to secure baby to the cot wedge
  • For mattress size 60x120cm
  • Size: 58 x 35 x 19 cm