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Cambrass Beanie Pillow

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Best buddy for your little one! Suitable for newborn and beyond.

Beanie pillows provide comfort and a sense of security for your baby. Keeps your baby feeling safe and comfortable.

Fabric Content: 52% cotton & 48% polyester 

Measures 14 x 40 cm (W x L)



  • Lightweight and durable
  • Includes a pillow and pillow case.
  • Outer layer is also easily removable for cleaning.
  • Small and compact for travelling purpose
  • Provides comfort and security to baby by simulating the touch of a mother’s hug when placed over the chest and tummy area.
  • It can stay cool in hot conditions and act as an insulator in cold temperatures.


Washing and Fabric Care

  • Place covers in laundry net
  • Wash on gentle cycle using baby detergent