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Beaba The Food Dehydrator

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The Food dehydrator for delicious and healthy homemade snack

How to prevent obesity?

1. Regular physical activity

2. Healthy feeding (Home made - healthy snacking) 

Healthy snacking is a new trend and the right answer to extend and strengthen healthy long term habits to your kids and toddlers

Fruits and veggies contains full of vitamins and nutrients that are easy to store/transport and preserv

Fruit/vegetable products in "fun" forms (chips, fruit pastes, etc.


What about HOME-MADE? 

Better control of ingredients and preparation 

  • Dehydration of fruits and vegetables is a product preservation technique.
  • Dried fruits & vegetable production also address the problem of food waste

This is the solution for consuming seasonal fruits throughout the year




Highly concentrated in vitamins and nutrients 

Consume as a snack

Keep flavors and taste buds pleasures 

Longer time storage and preservation for dried foods 

Avoid wastes 

Easy to store (space-saving



"My child loves to snack, but I don't find it very healthy. I would like to give him fruits and vegetables, but he doesn't like them. Also, I have a lot of fruits and vegetables that are starting to spoil

18m+ child's parents, who want to please their children by giving them snacking products but who are also concerned about "healthy eating" and would like to give them a product with nutritional qualities 


"The Food dehydrator for delicious and healthy homemade snacks" 

Convection technology with gentle heat for optimum drying and preservation of the nutritional qualities of the ingredients 


DRY'n' SNACK Product Information

2 Rotary Knobs: Temperature Setting (35°C to 80°C) Timer Setting (1h to 24h) - Auto-Off 

3D ventilation system for optimized and homogeneous cooking 

Digital Screen (to, and timer

Magnetic Door Lock 

4 removable trays made of stainless steel 

Removable Crumb Tray 

AGE 18 months


DRY'n' SNACK Product Features: 

HEALTHY and PRECISE cooking: Low temperature to keeps nutrients

BUILT-IN VENT SYSTEM for an enhanced and even cooking result 

Time setting: 1 to 24h.

Auto-off Temperature setting:35 to 80°C

Capacity: 0,6 L/4 racks

Color: Night blue

Accessories included: 4 stainless steel racks, crumble tray

Power: 400W

Size:LxWxH=270x300x140 mm