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Beaba Multiportions Silicone (Pink) - 6 x 150ml

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Freezing mould.

Beaba® Multiportions are designed to freeze and store a la carte foods for babies. The Multiportion comprises 6 x 150ml compartments.

Made from high-quality, platinum-grade silicone, a single portion of frozen food is easy to pop out. This lightweight storage container is freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

This product is the perfect complement to the Babycook allowing you to make the freshest and best food for your baby ahead of time.

› Saving time: Preparing 6 compartments in one batch.

› Defrost the amount of food needed according to baby’s age and appetite.

› Withstands extreme temperatures: from -55°c / -67°f to 210°c / 410°f.  (microwave and oven).

› Premium quality silicone: high wear and tear resistance.

› 6 individual compartments: to stock different tasting recipes at the same time.

› Supple preshaped silicone: for easy turning out.

› Airtight lid: to preserve flavours and aromas.

› Ergonomic design, reinforced and rigid shape: Maintains shape and is stable when lifted.

› Evolutive: can also be used as a mini cake mould.

› Care: wash by hand or dishwasher.