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Beaba Duralex Glass Meal Set

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BEABA is matching up with the famous DURALEX brand to bring you the first healthy meal set for baby, entirely Made in France. The set is comprised of a glass plate, a glass bowl, and a glass beaker with a supple base.

Designed to avoid any incidents, the supple base of the plate and bowl have a suction pad to adhere to the table or to the high chair tray.The beaker will remind those who attended French canteens of the question "What is your age ?".


  • Glass tableware: healthy and hygienic material which is scratch-resistant, odourless, and stain-free,
  • Partnership with DURALEX: guarantee of quality and a 100% Made in France product,
  • Suction pad under the plate and bowl: for adhesion to the table to limit mishaps,
  • Ergonomic shape: to help baby learn to eat meals by himself,
  • The range evolves as the child grows older,
  • Care: the elements in glass can be washed by hand and are dishwasher safe (dishwasher not recommended for the supple parts).