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Beaba Conservation Jar In Quality Glass - Set of 2

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The Beaba Portion Conservation Jar provides you with the ideal way to help you store your baby’s food. This particular product is designed to create a quick and easy way of refrigerating your little ones meals!

This set contains two jars; a Baby Portion jar (120ml) and a Maxi Portion jar (240ml). These provide your baby with an idea portion, equal each and every time. The containers will keep flavours and smells separate allowing your food to be kept, stored and reheated for your baby. The extra strong, secure lid will allow for a secure shut and will help to maintain flavours. The Beaba Portions will help you with portion control and will assist you in creating the perfect meal for your baby, time and time again.

The Beaba Portions range are suitable for use within the fridge, freezer and microwave, but should be washed by hand.


  • Simple and easy way to store your baby’s food
  • Individual jars keep flavour and smells separate
  • Two containers for a variety of portion sizes
  • Includes a helpful measurement scale on the side of the jar
  • This set is in pink.