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Avent Natural PPSU Baby Bottle Single - 330ml x 1

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Easy to combine with breastfeeding

Natural latch on

Enjoy the lightweight durability of our premium Natural PPSU baby bottle. The ultra-soft teat is wide and breast-shaped, with a flexible spiral and petals to promote natural latch-on and make it easy to combine bottle and breastfeeding.

Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
• Natural latch on due to the wide breast-shaped teat
• Skin-soft teat designed for a natural feed

Other benefits
• Teats with different flow rates available
• Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort
• Simple to use, easy to clean, and quick to assemble

Premium PPSU material
• A high heat resistance*, lightweight material
A comfortable and contented feed for your baby
• Flexible spiral design combined with comfort petals
Air goes into the bottle, not the baby's tummy
• Unique anti-colic valve technology

•Bottle: BPA and BPS free*, PPSU (imported from Germany)
•Teat: Silicone, BPA free*

What is included
•330ml Baby Bottle: 1 pcs

•Anti-colic valve: Advanced anti-colic system
•Teat features: Unique comfort petals, Extra soft and flexible teat
•Bottle ease of use: Easy to hold, Easy to assemble, Easy to clean
•Bottle design: Wide neck, Ergonomic shape, Heat resistance, up to 180°C