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Essential Guide To Pregnancy Sex: All That You Need To Know

Can I have sex when I’m pregnant? Will it hurt my baby? Yes and No! Once we’re over the moon about having a bun in the oven, these might be questions that start to form in our head and especially with raging hormones all over the place, feeling sexy might be the last thing on our minds. But the general rule is, as long as you feel comfortable, go for it! Read on as we discuss some of these questions about sex during pregnancy.


Motherhood and Sexual Wellness: Changing the Conversation One Category at a Time

The immediate change confronting mothers revolves around her physical wellness, where her body may already feel foreign during pregnancy. And when the baby arrives, she finds herself struggling with a new language, learning to mind read and differentiate what the different pitches in cries meant. All while she is still recovering from childbirth. For most mothers, the weeks immediately after childbirth is often no-go for sex. Nursing babies can already be physically exhausting to do anything else; let alone think about sex.


Modern Motherhood - 9 Tips to a Healthy Sex Life

Between work, parenting and managing your household, it’s difficult to carve out time for yourselves. Hence, maintaining a healthy sex life may be one of your least priorities. Here are some tips to improve your relationship and boost the frequency of coitus, even after having kids.


Modern Motherhood - 18 Mums Share About Sex After Birth

No one, much less our mothers, would openly talk about postpartum sex when we were pregnant. Sex is taboo, as far as our conservative Asian culture goes. So how did I get voluntary contributions by 18 modern Singaporean mums to share about their first after-baby bedroom exploits?


Forget Fad Diets, This is a Nutritionist's Guide to Losing Weight

There are many reasons that people may find themselves wanting or needing to lose weight, be it for health or vanity. But when it comes to losing weight, we’re not ones for fads. So, in search of the best ways to shed a few kilograms safely and sensibly, we decided to consult Sangamithra GV (@sangamithragv_nutritionist), an accredited nutritionist and dietitian.


Hit That Snooze Button

Have you heard of World Sleep Day? Created and driven by the World Sleep Society, World Sleep Day is an internationally recognised awareness event to bring cognisance to the many burdens of sleep problems and the importance of healthy sleep. This year, World Sleep Day falls on 19 March 2021, a Friday giving you the weekend to fix your sleep.


Beauty Tools and Accessories for Busy Mums

Easily achieve your skincare goals this year with these affordable beauty tools. Great for busy mums, these deliver indulgent, spa-level cleansing and facial treatments within just minutes, at your own convenience in the comfort of your home.


7 Ways to Empower Yourself and Other Mums

Being a mum is hard work. Often, I think the dream situation is being a devoted and dedicated stay at home mother, and I truly envy those mothers with the patience and ability to do so. Yet other times, I wish I could dash out the door the moment my kids start acting up. We have heard it a million times, yes motherhood is a hard job, but somehow through the tantrums and sleepless nights, it is definitely the most rewarding.



Setting Goals and New Year’s Resolutions with Your Child

New Year’s resolutions allow us to reflect and set goals for ourselves for the year ahead. They are great in helping us track our progress and stay on track to achieve our personal goals and become better versions of ourselves. But we know – sticking to resolutions and following through on them is going to be tough. While this is a good habit of starting with children, how can we help them stick to their resolutions? Here are some tips.


Legacies from Our Favourite Mums to Their Kids

Our favourite mums give their insights on the legacies they’d like to leave to their children. This Mother’s Day, our mums share their thoughts on leaving their legacies behind for their kids. These include their parenting philosophies, their work ethos, and the lessons that they want to pass on to their children.



Get to Know 10 Strollers Perfect For Your Lifestyle

Looking for a stroller for your expanding family, one suitable for jogging with, or traversing around the city on public transport? Here are our picks for strollers that will suit your lifestyle.


Going Online - The New Normal Way We Shop

While the Circuit Breaker is over, Phase One of the government’s measures for safe reopening are still fairly conservative. Even though student care centres, preschools and schools have reopened, retail and dining outlets are still closed. As such, businesses - ranging from events, food, workout studios and retail outlets - have all embraced a “new normal” way of life online. This includes directly ordering via WhatsApp, Zoom video calls, or even Facebook Live Auctions.


Sustainable Options for your Little One

Looking for natural, sustainable options for your little ones? Here are our top picks to suit your lifestyle. Reduce your environmental footprint with these sustainable options. Ranging from wood, bamboo, and recycled plastic choices, these include clothes, toys, cutlery and utensils, as well as durable, long-lasting items such as cots, and high chairs.



Cleaning Products That are Effective and Baby Safe

With little ones at home, you may need to change up your cleaning products to more environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products. Here are some of the best baby-safe products to keep your home clean and allergen-free.​​


My Beginnings Baby Book for Mums

This Mother's Day, a great gift for expecting new parents is the My Beginnings keepsake baby book. Here, you can chart all your baby’s milestones, from the time he/she was in utero all the way till his/her first year. This collaboration for mums was conceptualised by Dr Ann Tan, Sharon Wong, and Winnie Chan, all mums themselves.​


Essential Items You'll Need for Phase 2

As we enter Phase 2, here are some essential items you’ll need when going out with your family. ​Although it's finally safe to dine outside, go shopping and meet up with family and friends, do exercise caution and bring these essential items with you.


10 Newest Products from Motherswork

Looking to spruce up your walls or aid your children’s learning - whether cognitively or their motor skills? Here are some of our favourites from Motherswork’s newly released collections.