Positive Impact
For the future of your baby

Positive design features


With every stroller, our goal is to make your life as easy and beautiful as possible - we call it "Positive Design".


More than a Buggy

Delightful Grey

Mighty Green

Refined Black

Lifetime warranty

Intuitive use

Ultimate Comfort


Clever Solutions

Award-winning Dutch design


Ergonomic design & mobility

Joolz Hub

compact & comfortable

Joolz Day3

chic & complete

Joolz Geo2

expandable & all terrain

Positively Influence our Global Environment

At Joolz, we put the well-being of our planet and the beautiful life that makes it possible at the heart of everything we do.

We are convinced that we can all have a positive influence on our global environment with small gestures. For example, by promoting environmental awareness and fighting climate change and deforestation.

Joolz Birth Forest

A Stroller, a Tree. Our Earth can use some extra green. That's why your child gets his own tree from us in the Joolz Forest. Your child with you, and the little tree in Colombia.

Reusable Packaging

Recycling is good for the environment and who knows - maybe your little one will learn something from it too. Big and small boxes that you can turn into a bird feeder, a reindeer or even a chair after unpacking. So do not throw her away.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all selected Joolz strollers. You only need to register your new Joolz stroller on our website within six months of purchase. There's nothing left for a carefree, lifelong adventure!

100% Organic Cotton

The Joolz Essentials are made from 100% organic cotton and have superhero powers. They absorb moisture, are heat-regulating and just as tender as your baby itself. Perfect for endless cuddles and naps. Dream beautiful!


We believe that we can positively influence our global environment. That is why we integrate sustainable fabrics into our new looks: the fabrics are made from recycled plastic flakes.

Sustainable Office

In a sustainably renovated factory with greenhouses and other sophisticated, energy-neutral solutions, it's inspiring to continue growing Joolz's "Positive Design".

Promote Awareness

Our passion is to develop the best products, keeping you, your baby and the environment in mind.

We also seek to promote global environmental awareness by drawing attention to important events and data; For example, on the Global Recycling Day, the International Day of the Forest and Earth Day

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