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Early Childhood Nutrition

Baby Led Weaning - Tips, Tricks and Asian Recipes

Starting your baby on solids? Here’s what to be aware of, and some tips and tricks to make mealtimes a lot easier, as well as some Asian baby led weaning recipes.


Weaning and Introducing Solids to Your Baby

After breastfeeding your baby for the first six months, you can start gradually weaning him/her and starting him/her on solids, so they can get vitamins and minerals not found in breastmilk.


Weaning Your Baby - How and When to Start

When your baby reaches her half-birthday, you can also unlock another milestone in her life - introducing her to solids and starting baby weaning. According to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, babies should preferably be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life if possible. Of course, you should supplement with formula milk if necessary.


15 Ways to Foster Healthy Eating Habits In Kids

In this day and age where kids are surrounded by fizzy drinks and fast food, instilling the importance of healthy food choices and eating clean and green is ever more a challenge. Fostering healthy eating habits begins from childhood and teaching our kids such positive behaviours will set them up for life.


9 Ways to Get Your Toddler To Eat Vegetables

If your little one refuses to put anything resembling a vegetable near her mouth, here are a few ways to try and get her to increase her vegetable intake. These also work to help you get your recommended two servings a day.


TCM Foods and Guidelines for Your Little Ones

Improve your child's health and nutrition by following TCM foods and guidelines for your child, and build a healthy relationship with food. Let your little one start on soft, cooked vegetables to strengthen his/her spleen. Start your child off with a diet guided by TCM principles, helping them build good eating habits and a healthy relationship with food.


Ways to boost your kids immunity

Concerned about your family’s immunity? Whether it’s COVID-19 you’re worried about, or getting influenza and other illnesses, here are some ways to improve your little ones’ immunity.