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Lhamour Brand Story

Lhamour is Mongolia’s first organic skincare brand that was established by Natural Essentials LLC. in 2014. Lhamour is a Mongolian start-up that has the aim to create a globally known unique and young brand that uses rich natural resources and gives the skin the natural and true nourishment as it should deserve. Lhamour produces every item handmade at our headquarters factory in Mongolia where they create, formulate and manufacture their entire line! Lhamour are proud to own each step of their products’ journey – from sourcing to packaging – all the way until their arrival at your door. Each product is made with the highest attention to quality and made proudly with love. We were named “Best New National Manufacturer” in 2015 by the Ministry of Industry of Mongolia, as well as “Best Responsible SME of Asia” by the MORS Group Research Institute in Singapore in 2016.

Products from LHAMOUR

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