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Urban Kanga Uptown Portable Car Seat

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The Urban Kanga portable car seat was made for the modern urban family lifestyle. Car sharing, carpooling, taxi use and other modern transportation conveniences are now so much easier and enjoyable with this easy folding, lightweight car seat


  • Safety first: Meets European safety standards Ultra lightweight: Just 3kg!
  • Taxi-friendly: Installs quickly and easily in any Singaporean taxi, Uber or GrabCar
  • Portable: Lightweight and foldable it is easily moved in and out of vehicles as needed
  • Long-lasting: Suitable for children 9 months to 4 years, weighing 9-18kg


This forward facing portable child restraint falls under the Group 1 Universal category, and is classified as a safety device in the case of an accident. As with all child restraints, correct installation and secure fastening of the child is a must.

Ps it has these great features also -

  • Fold & go feature
  • Quick & easy installation - just 60 seconds!
  • Height adjustable head rest
  • Air cushions in the head rest for additional protection and comfort
  • Five point safety harness with easy adjustment
  • Memory foam padded seat
  • Water resistant mesh backrest
  • Lightweight carry case
  • Removable cover for washing


The Urban Kanga's design maintains all safety requirements to keep your child safe, while enabling you to go where you want to. This car seat takes the weight and bulk out of your usual car seat, so you can have an easier time travelling with your child. Simply fold and go! Be inspired by freedom.



What are the age requirements for the Urban Kanga?
This child restraint is suitable for children between 9-18kg (20-40 lbs) and around 9 months to 4 years old.

How is the Urban Kanga certified?
This product carries the European ECE R44/44 safety certification.

Where can I use the Urban Kanga?
As long as your car is fitted with three-point retractor seat belts, the Urban Kanga can be installed in the rear left, center, or right of the car in its forward facing position. It should never be installed with a two-point seat belt alone.

What if I want to install the Urban Kanda rear facing?
The Urban Kanga is designed to only be used forward facing.

Taxi Baby carries different solutions for different families - if you're looking for a rear facing car seat or convertible car seat, check out our other options!

Does the Urban Kanga fit in the middle seat of the back of the car?
Yes it does. However, it needs to be installed with a three-point seat belt. As long as it is installed with a three-point retractable seat belt in its forward facing position, the Urban Kanga can be used in the middle, left, or right of the car.

Is the Urban Kanga seat cover washable?
Yes it is! This information can be found in the user instruction manual that is included in the box, from page 54 to page 58.

I'm having issues with my Urban Kanga. What do I do?
Our team at Taxi Baby wants to make sure that you are able to use your car seat with ease of mind. If you've purchased your Urban Kanga from Taxi Baby, feel free to contact us for help with installation or any product-related questions!

Is the Urban Kanga airplane-approved?
The Urban Kanga is within carry-on limitations set by most aircraft. Generally, the Urban Kanga can be brought onto the aircraft, but we recommend checking the policies with your airline or calling them to check. Please note that while it can be brought on as carry-on luggage, it cannot be used in-flight. This is because the Urban Kanga has to be installed with a three-point retractable seat belt, while airplanes are only fitted with two-point lap belts.

What are the folded dimensions of the Urban Kanga?
When folded, the dimensions are: L 58cm, W 34cm, D 17cm at the top and 18cm at the bottom.

Can the Urban Kanga fit in my stroller basket?
We've had success fitting it in the basket of some of the larger prams like the Baby Jogger City Select and Mountain Buggy Duet, but it's usually a bit too big for regular pram baskets. Another option is to hang the Urban Kanga's carry bag from the handle of your stroller.

Will the Urban Kanga fit on my stroller?
The Kanga is not designed to be used in the seating position of a stroller, or attach to a stroller with adapters (if you are specifically looking for this feature, consider the Cosco Scenera NEXT). However, many parents have managed to 'hack' the Kanga onto their stroller for mobility and convenience. We call these #strollerhacks, and most require the use of our #strollerhack pack which includes a small luggage strap (regular luggage straps are too long for this purpose), bungee cord and bungee loop. Most #strollerhacks mimic the mechanism of the Mountain Buggy Nano's universal car seat adapter, which is effectively and in-build luggage strap.

What is the shelf life of the Urban Kanga?
European seats are not required to specify an expiry date, but all plastic products degrade over time. The manufacturer recommends 1 seat = 1 child. Generally, it is not advisable to hand seats down for a multitude of reasons, even though there is no direct indication that there will be any degradation after 4-5 years. Based on this, we do not recommend using your Urban Kanga after it's older than 6 years.

The carry bag that came with my Urban Kanga is broken/torn! Can you send me a replacement?
Take some photos of your damaged Urban Kanga carry bag and reach out to us - if you bought your Urban Kanga from us, we'll send you a replacement. Please note that we only offer carry bag replacements if your bag is damaged from wear and tear. In the case of misplaced carry bags, we do not offer replacements.