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Dr Brown's Travel Fresh Bowl & Snap in Spoon

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 Dr. Brown's Travel Fresh Bowl & Spoon is a travel bowl featuring two separate compartments and a snap-in spoon. Feeding babies on the go is easier. The two separate compartments that are perfect for several types of food. The seal lid is safe to make food stored safely and its flexible design allows you to open one compartment at a time or remove the lid completely. You won't lose a spoon with a snap-in spoon holder - plus, it makes your bag free of messy food!

  • Integrated handle on bowl provides convenient grip to facilitate feeding wherever you are.
  • Travel bowl has 2 separate containers with a lid each
  • Comes with Soft-Tip Spoon for babies along with a spoon holder
  • Easy to clean
  • Fresh Bowl Travel is safe for dishwasher (top shelf) and Soft-Tip Spoon is safe for dishwashing and sterilization.
  • Made from PolyPropylene which is safe for your little one
  • BPA free.