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Pigeon Newborn Pure Calming Oil



Newborn Pure Calming Oil (100ml) With the launch of Newborn Pure Calming Oil, PIGEON becomes the first premium skincare brand for newborns. This latest innovation is PIGEON's answer to a growing demand for a more natural approach to bonding with your baby by combining traditional massage therapy with advanced skin technology.
  • Scientifically proven, PIGEON's trademark formula, Natulayer offers a double layer of protection and moisturization. It simulates Vernix, a waxy protective moisturising layer found on newborn babies, and moisture-capturing lipids, Ceramide, to help maintain supple, hydrated and nourished skin. '
  • Maintains the skin's fatty protective layer by ensuring balanced pH levels. 
  • Dermatologically tested to ensure safe use on all skin types. 
  • Free from Paraben, Formaldehyde, Alcohol and any other ingredients that could cause skin irritation. 
  • Made in Japan with love, using the highest quality standards for baby skincare products. 
  • All products of PIGEON Newborn Pure Skincare Series are formulated with Natulayer