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Baby Banana Tooth Gel

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Product description

Toothpaste Original (with Xylitol)
Delicious natural gel for application on the gums and teeth of babies, toddlers and children. Rich in xylitol, a natural sweetener, kids love the taste! Xylitol has excellent oral health benefits, for example, it helps prevent tartar (accumulation and hardening of plaque). This toothpaste is intended for toddlers and children who struggle with brushing.
This toothpaste is
safe for children from 3 months
not harmful if swallowed
has no fluoride
Contains no aspartame
Recommended by dentists

With Kids Spry Toothpaste will your children enjoy a healthier smile, fresher breath and cleaner mouth.

Purified water, xylitol, calcium glycerophosphate, cellulose gum (thickener) and grapefruit seed extract (as a preservative).